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    Welcome to the Wearables Store!

    After a year and a half of very hard work, I am very proud to announce the launch of the Wearables Store! It's very excited to represent this emerging technology industry and all the new, exciting, products that are coming with it.  Where do we even start?!?!  How about at the beginning....

    In January of 2014, I was flying home from my 10th pilgrimage to the annual C.E.S. (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and while on the plane I started to read a post-show summary article in the NY Times about all of these new type of products called "Wearables" or "Things of the Internet".  These products sounded so innovative, completely cutting-edge in their feature-rich scope for consumers and technology.  The article mentioned that all the big electronic companies were developing and soon launching their own type of wearable of products, along with many other new companies that were getting funded via different crowd-funding programs and websites.  These products were ranging from smart watches to fitness and GPS trackers, to even smart light bulbs!  I was hooked on the concept of how these products could change the world for the better and make our lives easier and safer.  

    And then it hit me...why hasn't anyone taken all of these great new products and aggregated them into one niche, specialty website that ONLY sells, educates, and promotes wearable technology products and Internet of Things?  That was the inspiration moment for me and when the proverbial 'light-bulb' went off inside my head. 

    So it was born on that plane ride - the Wearables Store, and after a lot of hard work and inspiration by too many people to name, it has manifested into this website. I hope you like the realization of this idea to offer consumers a one-stop shop for any type of wearable product.  Our goal is to offer you the best and most innovative products in the wearable and Internet of Things marketplace and competitive prices.  We will bring you all the products from traditional electronic companies, but also the cutting-edge ones that you may never have heard from that are just getting to the marketplace. And we will provide for you industry news, in-depth product reviews and guides, blogs and so much more.  I want this to be your go-to place all wearable products and information.  If we don't have something that you want, let us know as we greatly value your feedback and suggestions.  If you buy something and like it or not, please tell us.  We want to know what you think. 

    I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience of our website, products, customer service. 

    Best regards, 

    Stephen Spivak / Founder and President of The Wearables Store

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